» Personal Rant.. Sorry.
So I want a chest.. Boobs.. Rack.. Squishy thingies on peoples front sides. What ever you want to call them..
Unfortunatly I got the weight gaining gene but it goes to my hips (which I think fits me well..)
But I personally think its weird cause then I'm like pear shaped?
It's just annoying to have to shop in the little girls section of stores.. But I'm big boned so that's starting to not work..
I havnt gone bra shopping in 10 years.. I got one more age-appropriate recently.. Sooo hard to find one small enough cup wise and large enough band wise..
I'm sick of buying shirts and dresses and always having to have them taken in because they fit me perfectly everywhere BUT my chest.
I'm tired of the 2 layers of push up bras.
I'm tired of the covering up in baggy clothing.
Not wearing just a bathing suit to the beach.
No semi-low neck lines on shirts.
Not feeling comfortable doing... Anything really...
Ik I should be happy with what I got from my parents.. But.. It's just so hurtful.
The jokes and teasing.
Never mind the fact I feel awful about myself w/o the jokes and teasing.
I just want to feel better about myself..
Sorry about the rant...
This is just the only blog I'm not coscious as to what I post.



So the Dr.Who fans are Whovians, Sherlock fans are the Sherlockians….what are the Supernatural fans called??!!??